Winter Is Coming To The Upper Midwest, Get Your New Snow Blower Attachment Now

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Those in the Chicago, Detroit, and Milwaukee area know that winter is on its way to the Upper Midwest. As the leaves are starting to fall, it’s already time to begin preparing for the first snowfall. When Fall turns to Winter and snow starts coming down, will you have the right tools to clear it away?

If it has been a few years since your last upgrade, it is time to improve your winter necessities. Skid Pro has all of the best attachments available, including snow blowers, snow blades, snow buckets, and snow pushers.

Purchasing a snow blower attachment with Skid Pro isn’t like buying a snowblower attachment anywhere else. You’re getting the best!

Skid Pro Snow Blower Features:

  • Two-stage design for maximum snow throwing performance and casting distance

  • Direct drive hydraulic fan and auger – no chain & sprocket or shear pins

  • Internal pressure relief on hydraulic motors – no shear pins

  • Tight spiral auger is ¼” thick and heavily gusseted for superior strength
  • Deep dish, four blade fan is cupped and reinforced for durability and better casting distance
  • Extra tall and deep design for better snow capacity and improved productivity

  • Four skid shoes (two side runners and two rear shoes) for maximum adjustability and float
  • Easy-Flow fluted chute for high snow volume and longer casting distance
  • No freeze up chute design – ultra tough poly gasket prevents metal-to-metal contact
  • Tough powder coat finish gives added durability and corrosion resistance versus painting

The purchase of your snow blower attachment from Skid Pro comes with several benefits you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Skid Pro Snow Blower Advantages:

  • Heaviest built blower in its class
  • Industry-leading two year warranty
  • Four skid shoes for max adjustability
  • Fully hydraulic, no shear pins or chains
  • Industry’s best powder coat finish
Heaviest built blower in its classicon-warranty   Four skid shoes for max adjustabilityno shear pins or chains   Industry’s best powder coat finish



Are you interested in taking a closer look or learning more specific specifications?

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