What is a Skid Steer? Part 2

We spoke recently about Skid Steers, explaining exactly what they are and how they make your life so much easier. A Skid Steer is a compact piece of equipment used for various jobs around an outdoor property. It has the ability to excavate, pull, push and lift materials. It is more manoeuvrable and lighter than a tractor front loader, so it is very useful in farming, landscaping, and construction work. If you’re interested in getting more work done for less effort on your part, it is time you look into a Skid Steer. Jobs that used to take a crew an entire day can easily be done alone! It’s all thanks to the amazing capabilities of a Skid Steer. Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, it’s time to discuss these amazing machines in a little more detail.

What’s the Difference Between a Bobcat and a Skid Steer?

This is a very common question. In one way, there is no difference at all. You see, a Bobcat is a Skid Steer! Bobcat is a popular brand of Skid Steer. Think of it this way- some trucks are Fords. Some Fords are trucks. You can have a vehicle that is both a truck and a Ford, or you can have a truck that isn’t a Ford or a Ford that isn’t a truck. Just the same, your Skid Steer can be made by the brand Bobcat, or you can have a different brand name. Whether or not Bobcat is the right brand for you is your decision.

Skid Steer Attachments

Your Skid Steer attachment options are nearly limitless! A Skid Steer is your best worker because it can be paired with a variety of attachment options, all of which make it possible to perform a wide range of jobs using the same piece of equipment. There are a number of attachments that make it possible for a Skid Steer to perform your needed tasks without the need to get out a different machine to finish the job. Skid Steers have many attachment options, including augers, brooms, hammers, forks, backhoes, and buckets of various shapes and sizes. There are Skid Steer attachments for the snow, as well as attachments designed to move bales of hay or make holes for fence posts. Do you need to level the ground? Do you need to pour concrete? Do you need to remove a stump? Do you need to sweep up your mess afterwards? There is an attachment for everything! Imagine mowing your entire grassy area, then cutting off some tree limbs that need to go, then mulching these limbs and sticks, and then grinding the stump left behind- all with the same machine. It’s incredibly convenient!

There’s so much to love about a Skid Steer! Attachments allow the machine to perform a multitude of tasks, getting your job done quickly and easily. Instead of backbreaking labour, you’re working levers and buttons. It could not be any easier! We are confident that when you look further into Skid Steers and the attachments available, you’ll realize that this is the best helper you could possibly ask for.

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