Testimonials From SkidPro Customers

We bought a backhoe attachment several years ago, and I have to say it doesn’t disappoint! It sits more than it works, but when it does work, it works! We have saved thousands of dollars doing projects when we wanted to/had to. No question this unit has paid for itself many times over. Thanks for a good quality product.

Dave M.

I can't remember the year we purchased the HD3 mower, but what an excellent decision. Heavy Duty construction. Efficient mulching/cutting. The barb wire protection!! Easy service of blades and gear oil changing. Just heavy duty and worth every penny. Started mowing 11-29 and finished 12-20!! Total area approximately 57.6 acres!!! CAT 242B3 with OTTs. Everything from buckthorn, honeysuckle, multi flora, down snags, and of course rocks! I want to thank you and everyone at Skid Pro for being quality and making/selling quality!! It's rare and I appreciate it!

Adam R.

The process of ordering was simple and the forks came early. I really love the walk-through design, I have a bad back and had a lot of trouble getting around my old set of forks. These are designed very well and I like the lock in place forks,so they stay where you put them with the ability to move them easily. Mike you were great to work with, thanks for the great customer service.

Mike O.

Working in maintenance and fabrication for 38 years, quality and service is what I always looked for in equipment. The 78” snow bucket I purchased is awesome! The craftmanship and design shows in your product. I look at the welds, the paint job, the finished product (the sticker alignment), the shipping crate. All was perfect! From my first phone call, to the purchase, to the delivery, all the people I spoke with were friendly and helpful. SkidPro rocks!

Tom V.

This stump bucket is a miracle! I have a Bobcat 763 which is kind of a small unit, and it is handling the work like a champ. The bucket took one stump out in 5 minutes that a retired operator told me would take 30-45 minutes!

I am also grading down the area to level for my house build. The dirt is Tennessee red clay and extremely hard. The bucket is digging amazingly well, and when rocked back it breaks huge amounts of the clay loose. Thank you for providing me with this tool, I am so impressed!


Tuck D.

Recently, I purchased one of your open front brush cutters from one of your older (LOL) Guru’s (Dick). I could not be happier with it. Talk about heavy duty! This cutter is all and more of what it is advertised. I appreciated the way it came wrapped for protection in shipping. This thing is a beast. It handles the big stuff, yet if you want to use it to just mow, it does a great job also. I will put it up against any other make my neighbors might have. Thanks for the attention to detail and quality product. Also a shout out to Dick for discussing which cutter would work best for me. He seems very knowledgable on your products.

Bill H.

I am the individual in Norther California who recently purchased a grapple attachment from you. I wanted to convey to you my following thoughts: (1) the attachment arrived on time at the designated shipper; (2) the attachment was beautifully wrapped/protected to assure it arrived undamaged/in good condition; (3) the attachment is of heavy-steel construction as represented and is a formidable tool; (4) the attachment functions/works beautifully, is easy to use and more than gets the job done. In short, I am a happy and satisfied customer with this Skid Pro product. Further, you were wonderful to work with, very patient with your explanations and my proposed payment plan. My next purchase from you will be your wood chipper. Thanks again for everything, you guys are outstanding.

Tom B.

Thanks for giving me the chance to apologize for not getting back to you sooner. If you remember, I hate computers and don't really know how to operate the smart phone. Only with your help, I was able to send you the picture you wanted of my electrical connections on my skid loader. That is the one and only picture I have ever sent!

Now that I have finally apologized for not getting back to you, I will get to the dozer blade. I was not able to see the dozer blade in person and I was hoping for the best in construction. When the dozer blade finally got here and I checked it over, I was thoroughly amazed on how well it was built. Not 10 times better than expected, but closer to 100 times better than expected. I have used it a lot, it was a lot easier than expected to operated. People thought a professional did the work which I was able to do with the dozer blade!

This dozer blade has been by far, the best attachment equipment I have purchased for my skid loader. I would like to give you a 5 star review for this dozer blade, the only problem I have no way of knowing how to do this online. I owe you tremendously for all your help in purchasing this excellent piece of equipment. Thanks again for contacting me.

Richard V.

I wanted to circle back on the tree puller that I bought from you. First of all let’s talk about your customer service and delivery of the product. It was outstanding! Your customer service was second to none. Your communication to me about when it was shipping was flawless, and the whole order-to-delivery process went smooth.

Yes I have used the tree puller and that thing is bulletproof!! Extremely well-built. Functions perfectly and does everything that I wanted to do. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone looking for an attachment. And I definitely plan on buying other attachments in the future. It’s nice to deal with a company that takes customer service and quality seriously!

John M.

Thank you for the coupler advice it worked and I learned something new. I am back up and running and really appreciate being able to call and get help when I needed it and the timely response. Customer for life!

Chad D.

Just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know I’m officially a proud owner of an X4 Industrial Brush Cutter Open Front, and SP500 Forestry Mulcher. I have also made my brush & tree mastication and fire mitigation business official. Like we talked, both of the Skid Pro products will be the obvious back bone of my operation. I’ve got a bunch of before and after photos, along w/ videos if any of your prospective customers would want to check them out. And if there is anyone in northern California or southern Oregon needing a product demo, I would be happy to facilitate that as well. Thanks for providing incredibly innovative products of the highest quality, built for day-in and day-out commercial use. I look forward to many years of using Skid Pro products to help me grow my business.

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Kevin M.

Todd - I wanted to send an update on my recently purchased wood chipper, trencher and wood spitter.  We just used the wood chipper today and I have to say I’m amazed on how awesome it works!  Being able to chip trees upon taking them down is fabulous.  I will be looking at your other products in future.  My next task is to use the splitter and trencher and already know they will perform as advertised because of the craftsmanship of your products.  

Ray E.

I just wanted to let you know that the 72” snow blower that we purchased performed extremely well on our JCB280.  We were able to safely clear the snow off of our synthetic baseball, softball, and football fields with ease.  This is, by far the earliest we have ever had the snow completely removed from the fields!  In fact, the athletic director of a community college located in a neighboring town heard that our field was clear.  He made arrangements with our athletic director to hold their softball games at our facility on February 27th and 28th because his fields weren’t ready.

I appreciate your professionalism throughout this process and look forward to working with you on our skid steer implement needs in the future.

Reed M.

Just wanted to thank you and the Skid Pro team for making me part of your team.  This equipment is a beast!  Running on a low flow John Deere 319 (15 gpm) and the results are amazing!  I cleared an over grown acre in about an hour. I can’t say enough about the quality of this equipment. Top notch!!!  Hats off to your designers.

Tony R.

The delivery went great! They called & gave me options when they’d be out our direction. Showed up on time, even in a snow storm! I haven’t been to the ranch yet to check it out, but I’m leaving for there in morning. I don’t think we’ve had much snow to even try it yet, so I guess that’s good. Thanks for everything. I truly appreciate the effort & professionalism you & your company demonstrated! Very very satisfied.

Jere H.

I use the shredder (Skid Pro X4 Industrial Brush Cutter – Open Front) mostly for cleaning out under large oak trees on my land in Texas. The undergrowth ranges between 1” to 6” diameter brush and it takes me around 15 minutes per oak tree. I also use the shredder to clear paths through the brush and I would guess it takes me around 30 minutes to clear a 50 yard path wide enough for my 16’ tractor-pulled mower to get through for subsequent trail maintenance.

I use to clear under large trees by first cutting the brush with a tree saw attachment, stacking the brush with a grapple rake and then burning it. That would take at least one hour per tree and doesn’t include the time necessary to change attachments, monitor a fire, etc. Another real advantage of the Skid Pro shredder is the ability to cut brush at the ground level, unlike my tractor mower that leaves brush stems quite a bit above ground. Paths cut by your X4 shredder are much easier to navigate and you are able to avoid the tire punctures that stubs can cause.

So all in all I am very pleased with my Skid Pro X4 shredder, and just wish I had more time to enjoy it! I am happy to share this with you, and you are welcome to share my experience with any of your customers. Thanks again for making a great product and also being readily available on the customer service side to help w/ any questions.

David W.

I just wanted to reach out to you personally for a show of gratitude and sincere thank you for building great products! While I have been using the 96” snow blade more frequently, I finally had the opportunity to put the 72” high flow snow blower into action. I was working through a section about 40’ wide by 20’ wide at about 6’ deep. The blower just made large piles of snow disappear! The blower is matched perfectly to my John Deere 320G HF. I truly thank you for your efforts, patience, and building a great product, and can’t wait to place my order for a tiller attachment this spring!

Tom W.

I sincerely thank Skid Pro for the patience, professionalism, and quality of design provided to me during the entire sales process. The shipment arrived on time and the delivery went by the books, according to plan.

My first experience outside of the phone calls and You Tube videos (by Josh) came with the packaging. Your packaging engineer works overtime to protect your shipments. By taking the amount of time to guarantee and protect your shipment, I rest assured in the quality that goes into your manufacture! The next step that stood out to me was the shipment quality checklist. Final inspection of your product took place before the merchandise was fitted to the custom crate.

After taking the bands and frame apart, I could finally get to the “goods” (96” snow blade, 72” HF snow blower & receiver hitch). To be honest, I could only say “Wow, the metal is so thick, the product is so heavy, and everything is built so well”! I unloaded my shipment and conducted initial start-up procedures before preparing for corn harvest.

By allowing the shipment to come early, you helped me prepare for corn harvest which starts end of October. We have 2,200 acres to pull out. The window for weather looks good right now, but it can change w/o much notice. My thanks to you and your firm for the early shipment allow me to safely unload and unpackage your shipment without having to break away from harvest and rush things along.

In closing, I look forward to putting your product to use, but by nature, use of your product means winter has arrived! I wish you a great day, and I thank you for your time.

Tom W.

We love our new Skidpro bucket. In my honest opinion, it is a far superior option over the OEM Bobcat bucket attachment. Built stronger and can take a beating. This is our second purchase within the last 5 years. We have two Bobcat S650 units. The prior bucket is still going strong. So when the OEM Bobcat bucket failed us, Skidpro was our first option. Too bad you guys don't make Skid Steers! Thanks again for the great costumer service prompt deliver and a superior product. Hats off to Skidpro!

Larry B.
Detroit, MI

Just received your letter and cards. I’d like to share the fact that your product is as beefy as described and functions flawlessly. You are selling an amazing product and delivery was literally next day. My mind was blown. I will be passing out your cards to everyone I know with machines and I will be a returning customer. Thanks again Erik it was a pleasure!

Phil H.

Todd, from beginning to end, my experience on purchasing my 4 n1 was awesome. First of all, how you helped me in the payment process. The fact you held my order for a year as I was recovering from my 6 back procedures. The delivery went flawless. The quality of the actual bucket was above anything I would have expected. I think my Grandpa would have been quite satisfied. I can't understand why anyone who owns a skid steer would not have this bucket on it. It has already paid for itself. I can't thank YOU enough for staying on top of the sale from beginning to end not to mention your follow through. You can bet I will pass my experience on to everyone I know. I hope we can get you some additional business. Thanks again for all you do.

John D.

We have been very busy with our new open X4 cutter and pallet forks. They work well and the cutter is very impressive! Shipping & delivery went quite well. We spoke with the freight company and they set up a date and an approximate time for delivery. The driver called about an hour before he arrived. They were helpful in the unloading process, and it only took about 15 minutes. I have recommended your products to some of my business associates.  We wanted to thank you again for all your explanation and insight to both use and purchase of the attachments.

Rick F.

I got a chance to use that bale squeeze this weekend. It is all that you said it was, and it is built heavier than I even expected. I am very happy with it . It makes putting hay in the barn so much faster and easier. I don't think I could have found a better one anywhere thank you!

Milt A.

Dear Skidpro,

After some exhaustive research on multiple brush cutter options to purchase for my new Case TR270, I came across your company and products via a web search and had seen the specs as well as testimonials of customers who’ve purchased the X4 open face Industrial Brush Cutter. The standard flow option blows away the competition with the specifications offered.

I ended up ordering one on Tuesday, April 16th after multiple discussions with Mike M. He was extremely helpful and patient with my questions I had. Mike’s service and knowledge was truly impressive. My new X4 was delivered 1 week from the time I placed the order. I immediately hooked it up and did a few test cuts. WOW!.....I’m counting the hours down until I’m done working today so I can go play and make some toothpicks out of my brush and trees that have taken over my property. This thing is a beast! Service, delivery, customer support, shipping, warranty, performance, specs…all reasons your company was chosen over any others on the market.

Having grown up on the Iron Range in MN, I was also very happy to support a Minnesota company here in Missouri. I was skeptical to make such a major purchase over the internet without seeing the product in person. Mike put me at ease with this decision. Although I haven’t used the X4 much yet, I will enjoy every moment I get to use it. Below is a picture of me hooking up the new unit to my brand new TR270. Thank you Mike and thank you Skidpro. I will be purchasing from you again when I need another attachment!


Craig B.

The attachments came without a problem. The pallet forks came in handy immediately because the shredder was too large and heavy to get down the lift gate. So we were able to use the pallet forks to get it off the truck. I haven’t used the grapple or tree shears yet but I’ve put about 15 hrs on the shredder, and it is awesome! It eats up the cedar trees like nothing! I also appreciate how sturdy the attachments are built. I am very happy with them, thanks for the follow up. 

Bob J.

Thank you for checking in with us.  The overall order and delivery process was excellent!  The blower and forks came in a timely manner and nothing was damaged during shipping. 

The blower is working awesome on our Terex T190 (16 gpm standard flow).  We have used it several times without any issues and it has moved a lot of snow since we put in use!  I have attached a photo that shows the blower in use, and the snow pile behind it is roughly 12 feet high.  The pallet forks are great as well.  I have had no issues with those either.

Jason H.

We have used our snow blower extensively onsite opening up roads and moving snow. I am thoroughly impressed with the performance of it and how it does in the light snow and the older snow that has thawed and refroze. We have had great success clearing roadways with it that were too deep for traditional straight blade pickup mounted plows. It has saved us time as well as wear and tear on these pickup-mounted units as well. I feel that the Snow Pro snow blower has been a great investment to add to our commercial snow removal operation.

Byron C.

The blower is working great! We’ve had a good winter with over four feet of snow on the ground, and with the blower I have been able to keep our 1/2 mile road open. Thanks for your professional attention to helping your customers.

Patrick F.

Everything is going great I’ve used my grapple and cutter more than anything and I have to say I’m fairly hard on my equipment and it’s held up flawlessly with absolutely zero issues! I’m not interested in any new attachments at them moment but if I am I will be sure and give you guys a call I’ve really appreciated your customer service and quality products.

Madison H.

we are very pleased with the overall order and delivery process. Not knowing anything about skid steer attachments, you and your company made this a simple and understandable transaction. As far as the snow bucket goes, it has actually been used as our good luck charm. We’ve had no measurable snow since we bought it! If we need any further attachments for our skid steer, you will be our supplier.

Richard P.

I'd love to have a grapple rake but right now I can’t afford one LOL! I'm currently putting in an RV/camper facility for oil field workers . It's coming along pretty well despite theyear-long monsoon rain season we are still in . I just recently  took the X4 mower to the barn from my back garage and exchanged it for the dozer blade . Hooked it up, tested function and all is working. Hoping to get it out sometime soon to see what it can do.

I hope you had a merry Christmas and have a good New Year.  I'd like to say thank you again for great products and awesome customer service. I will only buy your brand in the future. You have been very helpful and stayed in contact throughout everything.  That is much appreciated and something you dont see much of anymore. Thank you for all you have done! Happy new year and I'm sure we will be in touch in the future as I keep gaining projects. 

Mike G.

I haven’t had any problems with the grinder, just uncrated, greased and it went right to work. I was able to run for 6 hours the first day without fatigue. Very good visibility, easy to maneuver around and line up with stump. I have only been able to grind up 20 stumps as it has been real wet here. I was able to grind up 2- 40’’ stumps with the roots and push the shavings back in to the hole and level for easy mowing. The grinder cuts through smaller 10’’ to 16’’ stumps in just a few minutes. The larger stumps take more time, but that has more to do with the 15 gpm flow of my loader (John Deere 319E). Also with larger stumps you have to work around a little, as you can’t reach opposite side to pull the cutter through the stump. The cutting teeth are holding up good, still feel sharp and cut like new. All in all very pleased with the grinder, it is a lot better than the walk behind models I have rented in the past. Thanks for the excellent customer service and fast shipping.

Eric N.

Just wanted to get back with you and say thanks for the fine service. Everything you guy's did from sales to delivery was excellent and very much appreciate doing business with people like you and Skid Pro. I give you an A+. Now for the how the equipment is working out, well, I'm still waiting for my machine from Bobcat service going on 3 months now. Let's just say they’re not Skid Pro oriented. In the meantime I look at X4 Industrial Brush Cutter and think maybe by Christmas I will be putting it to the test and will send you a video of it in action. Until then, thanks.

Gary S.

The telescopic boom attachment is terrific! We have used it to set parking lot lighting, but mostly we use it for our solar array installations. I can fit 5 solar modules in a basket I built specifically to hold them, and easily and safely hoist to the rooftop for installation. The boom has increased our productivity, and safety, providing a quick return to our company.

David C.

Things are going great with my 48” mulcher on my standard flow Bobcat T190 (16 gpm). It took a little seat-time to figure out the quickest method, but I have it down now. I can line up piles and work through them or take down bushes and small trees in short order. The biggest I've gone through so far is 5-6 inches. The oak and pine chop up quickly, but the manzanita that's very hard takes a few passes. It is however much faster than what I was doing before by cutting the Manzanita down then running it through a chipper. I’m far more productive and have reduced my hand labor to almost zero. Thanks again for a great product and service!

Dan H.

I headed out to the trees the Saturday after getting the puller, and plucked the first one up with such ease. I was laughing! The double jaws make all the difference as the tree has little to no chance of pivoting. Dual jaws also allow for placing the trees precisely on ground, in piles with little effort. Most of what I removed Saturday were 20' plus pine trees 4-6" diameter. They come up easy with their shallow roots. Other trees had deeper roots, but I followed the videos and removed them too with little difficulty.

Went out again this afternoon but this time it was hardwood trees taller than 20'. The jaws snuggled around them at the very front, they were bigger, and I rocked back and forth easily watching for root movement. They came out with little trouble! When i was adjusting the jaws the first one fell forward laying on the driveway. No big deal, as I went up to it, tilted jaws 90 degrees and picked it up slowly then pivoted the tree vertical and moved it to its final resting place. That was really cool!

I repeated this on the other trees (except the falling part). This is one awesome piece of equipment! Your description, videos and discussion of what this can do was all spot-on. You took very good care of me as well, which was much appreciated!

Craig L.

Thank you for following up – the ordering, shipping, and receiving process was a breeze. Assembly of the silt fence plow was a snap with clear instructions. We used the plow the day after we assembled it – with the help of a youtube video to get us started, we were able to put up nearly 1,000 feet of silt fence in under 4 hours with 1 operator and 2 workers, a sledgehammer and a stapler…and that was our first time ever using the device; I am sure it will go faster in the future.
Thank you again for your help!

Kelly S.

The soil conditioner I purchased from you works like a dream. I leveled out the top soil on my yard area and brought it to a leveled finish with very little effort. I also worked over the gravel road leading to my home removing the larger rocks and giving the roadway a nice smooth graded finish. The hydraulic angle works great also. Thanks for building such a great piece of machinery!

A very pleased customer!

Pat S.

I have used the mower this spring and summer for mostly grass areas. But, today I started mowing invasive brush (buckthorn, honey suckle, & multiflora rose) small and large diameter. The HD3 is a beast!!!  Heavy duty quality and efficient at processing material. Thank you Skid Pro team for awesome products and awesome customer service!

Adam R.

I've had a chance to use the open front brush cutter on several occasions now and let me say WOW! This thing is very well built and will mow through anything!The first big job I used it for was clearing the tree lines back around our hay ground.  Then I took it to clear some really thick overgrowth that was around an old hog barn that I could not see what I was getting into due to it being so thick. I hit some old metal hog feeders and some large chunks of concrete. I have to say it made me sick to my stomach thinking I probably did some damage to the brush cutter. I shut it down backed out and lifted it up to see how much damage I did. I couldn't believe there was no damage other than a few little dings on a couple of blades! I still have not got a grapple yet, but when I do rest assured it will be a Skid Pro. I do a lot of welding and fab work myself and take pride in over-building my projects. I have to say looking over the design of this thing there is not one thing I would change.

Bryan W.

OMG, the Skid Pro snow blade looks like a German tank compared to the little snow blade I got off a Ritchie Bros. auction!!! On closer inspection my old snow blade appears to have been a snow blade for a truck and then was modified to be fit a skid steer. The Skid Pro bucket and forks are both beefy looking too. My neighbor will unload them tomorrow and then I’ll try them out. Thanks again!

Barry L.

The whole process from beginning to end was wonderful! From the instructional video, to the delivery it all worked smoothly and made it easy for me to purchase this attachment. And let me tell you this cutter is everything it was hyped up about and more! You have not overstated its ability in any way, it is a beast of a machine. My goodness will this cut up some brush and trees! It was throwing wood chips everywhere God help anything that gets in its way.

James G.

Shipping and delivery were exceptional. I’ve used the X4 brush cutter on several small projects to familiarize myself with its performance and operation. It’s doing an excellent job!! It has cut my work time down considerably and I’m impressed with its power!! Haven’t cut into anything over 4 inches yet but so far it cuts through total undergrowth in a snap!! I’m using it on my Bobcat T590, which handles it very well. Thanks again.

Pastor Larry W.

I used the boom today, lifting and setting a 30' I beam weighing 540#s, 10' up and 20' extended with no problem! Well-built equipment I would say, just like the other four attachments I’ve gotten from you guys!! Thank you all at Skid Pro for making and delivering an awesome arsenal of attachments making my life easier and safer! God Bless all!

Frank B.

I love the new HF stump grinder! Here’s a link to my entire video testimonial:

George P.

We pulled 3,600 four to six inch trees, mostly Cottonwoods. It is dry here and the puller is yanking trees and leaving all the dirt. Works great and we were able to move fast. Bunch of locals have seen it work and are impressed too. This attachment is worth every penny and has saved me so much time. Good fit on big John Deere 333G. Thanks for a great product!

Bruce B.

Just wanted to let you know this soil conditioner did an awesome job! These pictures are after we raked it off. It was so much easier than just using a bucket or land leveler, and even the homeowner was amazed at how flat it was when we finished. Thanks again!

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Jim H.

Just an FYI, your auger worked great at our property last week. See photos of our 8' x 500' fence we just finished. We put in 50 of the 18" diameter X 48" tall D post holes. We averaged less than a minute to auger through roots and rocky soil! Thanks for making such a great product.

image003 1 image004

Pat R.

Received the stump bucket yesterday and tried it out. I'm very please with it and impressed with its quality build. I will definitely recommend your company and when i need other attachments will definitely be calling you! It is very refreshing to deal with a company that that has great customer service. Thank you very much!

Doug S.

I would like to thank you for walking me through the purchase process of a brush cutter and explaining the best fit for my needs. Got advice from all angles and yours proved to be spot on. I have used the Open X4 and it is truly a beast! It does what I needed and beyond. The quality build is obvious and the performance embarrasses your competition! Congrats to you and your team and company.

Eric R.

I appreciate all of your help in ordering and getting the brush cutter to me. The entire process was easy from the time I called you until it was delivered to my door.

I really appreciate you being willing to help in getting everything started and looking into any issues I had in getting everything up and running. The initial problem was on my end, the aux. hydraulics switch was faulty on my machine. Once I got that fixed though everything has been running great.

The brush cutter runs great as advertised and can do more than I even realized! Georgia underbrush doesn’t stand a chance against this thing! We’ve tested it to it’s limits and it holds up great. You can tell it’s overbuilt and that’s exactly what I was looking for. It’s nice to be able to hook it up and know that it’s gonna get the work done.

I look forward to using it a lot more and hopefully getting more implements from you in the future. Skid Pro will be my first choice in getting quality equipment to get the job done! Here’s a couple pictures of the X4 cutter’s work.

Thanks again!

coby1coby2IMG 2292

Coby C.

I love this mini cutter on my Vermeer walk behind track loader! Here’s a link to our company FB page with a short video, https://www.facebook.com/gatorstumpgrinding/videos/1425464474267120/?t=0. It can do most jobs in 2 hours where it used to take 2 guys 10 hours (20 man hours). The labor savings alone will make this unit a quick payback. Thanks again!

-owner of commercial stump grinding & forestry services company

Mike L.

I’m very pleased with the whole process from you guys. You were prompt with my order , it arrived exactly on time , it works great, it paid for itself the first job, and we have used it way more then we even thought we would! I will indeed be buying more products from you. Thank you for taking good care of us .


Mark D.

I have used that boom a lot. We set 24 foot  LVLs on an 18 foot tall stage and just erected a 165 foot long storage building with 16 bays in it. We fabbed the walls at my shop and set everything with the boom and had the rough framing and trusses done in two days!! Your service and shipping time was top notch. I do not have one complaint about the boom. I am attaching a pictures of the boom in use.

Justin H.

I was leery of your bucket and its "built better" sales approach. Boy was I wrong, this thing is a beast! My wife loves it just as much as me. It's heavy, but for good reason. I have abused this thing and the paint is the only thing wearing! I live in Rockville, not really, but that should be the name. Thanks for talking me into it! All of my future purchases will be Skid Pro!

Ray A.

I want to thank you for your prompt and courteous service. The order and delivery process was great, the trucking company was very accommodating. Also the grapple rake is a beast and the forks have come in in handy as I am in the early stages of building a garage. Thanks again for your great service.

Bill N.

Here is a video of Jeff moving one of the biggest Ponderosa Pine trees we’ve ever encountered on the job, using the Industrial Grapple Rake https://youtu.be/B1fu8DFqNew. The grapple is built like a tank and is just flat out awesome!

Shayne S.

Thanks for the email. The order and delivery process for my mower was great and I've put about 60 hours on it now. I was kinda hoping to get a few little side jobs to help pay for it but the first "little" job I got paid $5,000 and I have another $1,500 job to do, so it essentially paid for itself in two jobs!

This mower just lives to eat sagebrush and the bigger the better. It will plow through 10' tall Basin Sage that is so thick a meadow mouse couldn't get through it and my machine is only pumping 17.1 gal/min. When I mow the big stuff I do wish I had enough flow to use the full potential of the mower but this mower does exactly what you guys claim and then some. I sharpened the blades once and I can get to the blades with my grinder without taking them off.

Awesome mower and Skid Pro has been awesome! My wife took a video for you and I'll send it soon.

Jim O.

The stump bucket looks great, very well built! As a weld engineer I can appreciate the extensive fabrication that went into building it. The delivery process went great, it arrived at Dayton freight a few days early and I was able to pick it up without any issues. Thanks for all your help with making the shipping arrangements. I did receive a letter the other day from you and I am going to pass your information along to a friend of mine who owns a landscaping company. I think they have five skid steers now and use a variety of skid steer attachments.

Again thanks for all your help, I made the right decision with Skid Pro!

Scott N.

Always nice to hear from you.  All is well.  I got much good use out of the snow blower this past winter and can attest to it's ability to move snow.  I am very pleased with the results! As always, I will come to you first when I am in the market for new skid steer equipment as all of the equipment I’ve bought from Skid Pro (land leveler, snow blower, backhoe, snow blade & ott tracks) has been top-shelf quality and backed by great customer service. Thanks again, I hope all is well with you!

Bob C.

Open X4 is fricken AWESOME! I need to get some good video and send it to you. I have only put maybe 15 hours on it, but have cleared so much brush that I’ve been in places on our 55 acres that I’ve never seen before! The Texas drought/flood cycle has made our Yaupon Holly become incredibly invasive, so I’m clearing the jungle.

This thing is a BEAST! Also, I tore into my JD track steer this winter to clean it up for spring, and found out a mouse had eaten some wires to a hydraulic solenoid. There’s a pretty good possibility I’ve not even run it on high flow yet!! Regardless, I LOVE it! It’s a super product..??

Paul M.

I couldn’t be happier with the open front X4 brush cutter! I have been mowing big basin sagebrush that’s 6 to 8 ft. tall with 8” base and it mulches it better than any other method I have tried! I will probably be contacting you this fall for replacement blades as there are a lot of hidden rocks that I can’t avoid hitting. The purchase and delivery was easier than buying local. I haven’t used the 6-way blade as much as I thought I would because of lack of time, but it looks great.

Dan J.

Everything was fantastic with my ordering process and the shipping was painless. You were extremely helpful in assisting with my decision. I am extremely pleased with my cutter and dozer attachments. I feel like I was fixing to purchase the wrong machine, so I really appreciate all of your product knowledge and your ability to know what questions to ask and when to ask them to ensure the proper attachment is being considered.

The brush cutter is amazing! My place looks like a million bucks and with the open face cutter, weeks worth of work was completed in a single day! The dozer attachment has also been a blessing! I haven’t been able to utilize all of its functions as of yet due to my Kubota not have the 12 pin plug just yet, but the available operations have been extremely easy to use and very smooth in its operation!

Once again Mike I cannot thank you enough for all of your help! I wish I had a few salesmen on my staff here at my Chevrolet store with your drive and product knowledge! I will most definitely be a future customer of yours!

Heath S.

I deal with shipments on a daily basis during the week. I can honestly say I’ve never had one go that smoothly. Forks arrived first and the 4n1 showed up a couple hours after that.

These implements are probably the most bomb-proof, over-built ones I’ve seen in a long time as well! We will be working the combo bucket hard for the next couple weeks. I’ll shoot you a review after our torture test!

Thanks again!

Matt S.

I have already used the dozer blade quite a bit to build a waterway and am very impressed what it can do on my CAT 259D track loader. I have used tree shear as well and it is a beast! Thank you!

Jake D.

Thank you for checking! The brush cutter has exceeded our expectations, by quite a margin too! I never dreamed you could get that kind of performance from something like that when coupled to a standard flow skid steer (New Holland LS180, 17 gpm/2600 psi). It is really well built as well. It is obvious no shortcuts were taken in it's construction. Thank you for building an awesome product! Demolishing brush is fun now!

Greg R.

Man that X4 Industrial Brush Cutter (Open Front) is a beast on my CAT 289C. Very pleased with it. Can't believe the power from standard flow. Wow! That heavy flywheel destroys the brush! Only thing is cactus, it tends to get messy. Lol! Thanks again.

Ron H.

Chris, we love the auger unit. Had it turning the day we picked it up. So controllable. Well made. Great addition for our work on the ranch. We will never go back to a tractor auger unit. Thanks for the quick shipping.

Bill W.

Here’s some pictures of the nearly 40” tree I just took out with my Skid Pro stump bucket in less than 30 minutes! As you can tell around the tree the soil was very dry also. The bucket is amazing to use and seems indestructible. I've done a lot of tree removal with backhoes and cannot get them down like that! Thanks again for making such a great product!

customer testimonial1customer testimonial2customer testimonial3customer testimonial4

Darrell M.

I got my open X4 industrial brush cutter and tried it out around our little farm... I love it!!! It worked like a charm. I cut through thick brush and several small trees like butter! I can't wait to taking it to my property and attack the woods. Thanks again.

Kirk B.

Thank you for checking in! The replacement part worked perfect. Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to personally run the blowers. However we put them in our most difficult spot and the guys that have been running them really like them compared to the Bobcat and Erskine ones! They both feel like there is more consistent power, which I assume is a result of you folks correctly matching the GPM to the machine! I will update you at some point this season when they have seen 500 hours or so. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mac C.
Rocky Mountains, Montana (Commercial Snow Contractor)

I have been using both pieces and can’t believe the sheer force of the brush cutter, it has exceeded my expectations thus far, and will be a great asset for years to come! I am hard on equipment and I know that this beast is going to be able to keep up with the amount of work that I am going to put it under.

From the very first call I made to Skid Pro to the last call, it has been a pleasure to work with you, customer service at its finest, and that is something that is rare these days! I can’t wait to do some more business with you, it has been a pleasure and I will definitely refer business when asked about implements for skid steers, happy thanksgiving and thank you for everything.

Lance H.

Our auger showed up Friday morning, wanted to say thanks again for the great service! Would not even consider buying anything for our machine without checking with you first, great job.

Terry M.

The backhoe and HF forestry mulcher are awesome! They are doing exactly what we needed them for. Customer service at your company has been top notch. It is very reassuring buying equipment from a company that has customer service like yours and products that back it up. Thank you for your help!

Daniel L.

The delivery was great ... well done ! The Grapple was more than I expected, heavy duty plus! This thing holds on to 3 foot round trees no problem and maybe bigger, but I don't have bigger. The Grapple you supplied is so heavy duty you can back drag a drive-way with it and 10 times better than a box blade...All this and cheaper than the other guys! You are my #1 go-to-guys for any of my next purchases. Thanks again, great job and thanks for the follow up! That goes a long way with me to know you care about your customers after the sale.

US Pentagon Operations, Washington D.C.

Thanks for the follow up. The delivery went smoothly. As I was working outside the U.S. at the time of delivery, I appreciate your support in addressing the few questions my wife and son had upon receipt of the brush cutter. My son utilized the brush cutter immediately upon delivery and was thoroughly impressed. I was home recently and had the opportunity to utilize it myself. The open-front brush cutter mows through mesquite, Texas persimmon and any other brush that gets in it's way! It is one awesome piece of equipment! I've already recommended it to folks back home and colleagues at work.

Thanks for the ease in ordering and your friendly customer service. It's been a pleasure doing business with you and the Skid Pro Team.

Dale P.

Thanks for checking in. The order and delivery process went very smooth. The gang out at the terminal were great. They were very helpful in loading on my trailer and there were no glitches. I will elect to pick up any other products that I may order from you the same way. I have used the brush cutter a few times already and it is a beast. I intend to begin using much more as cold weather sets in to clear some overgrown areas in my pasture. Thanks for helping me out. I will let you know whats next.

Reade T.

Order and delivery went great. Hooked up the dozer blade attachment as soon as it arrived. I have cleared atv trails in the mountains and completely reworked our 2 1/2 mile driveway into the ranch. I couldn’t be more pleased and i am hopeing to convince them of the need for the snow blower. I think once we get into winter and they see how much better the blower would be than the snow plow on the truck, they will go ahead and have me order it. Thank you for all of your help and I look forward to purchasing more attachments in the future. I will only buy Skid Pro!

Tim B.

Thanks for checking in Mike. The hurricane moved east so we dodged a bullet there. But I do have bad news. I have ran out of things to do with the attachments! That open front brush cutter is a beast and it is unstoppable! The grapple is kick butt too! It clamps down and does not let go. I’m taking it to Georgia next week and it is going with me to start clearing the pines again. Best decision ever on attachments, thanks Mike & Skid Pro!

Art F.

Awesome! The puller makes my skid steer a monster clearing my land. I pulled trees out of the ground over the weekend that were easily 8” in diameter. Reach up, shove forward and pull backward a few times and lift out. This saves the unwanted stump to work around. When I use the puller in conjunction with my grapple from Skid Pro the combination gives a one two punch on the brush and small trees I am trying to eliminate in some of my fields. The puller is a very valuable tool and built to last, thanks again!

Steve D.

Good afternoon Erik. I have used the tree puller on a 12 inch white oak. It took some pushing and pulling to get the roots to give way but I was able to get it out of my backyard. Pretty stout piece of equipment. I am very happy with it. the freight company called me two days ahead of schedule to let me know it was in the warehouse after you guys emailed to say it was there. Very good overall. Let me know if you come across a used brush cutter that will fit my ASV RC60.

Mark E.

The brush cutter is perfect for what I'm doing! Mows right through the thickest brush and grass. Tough blades too. Could not be happier!

Jimmy P.

In a word, GREAT!!! That is one well-built piece of equipment! The order process was smooth and fast, with no problems until the truck arrived with a damaged pallet. It was the ONLY glitch in the whole process, and so minor it's hardly worth mentioning. There was no damage to the mower, not even a paint scratch.

The mower works better than I had hoped. Arizona high desert grasses, brush and the occasional cactus just disappear when the mower arrives. I had a hard time convincing the Range Coalition to come up with the money, but they are all smiles now that they can see the results. I look forward to many years of continued use with this machine. Thanks for a great product!

Jim S.

Can't say enough about the Skid Pro product. Beefy and well built. Everything we have bought is a top notch piece of equipment. The ordering and delivery process is one of the smoothest and fast too. Keep up the good work. If we ever need more equipment I know who I'll be calling. Skid-Pro.

Ken S.

Thanks for checking up, the mower has been working flawlessly!! It is a great piece of equipment, and performs awesome. I've actually told several people about it, and had several show up at the farm to watch it run!! Only problem I have is keeping fuel in the skidsteer, only because my Dad is mowing/cleaning everything when I'm gone to work!!! I do need to order another set of blades but other than that it's great!!! Thank you!!!

Craig M.

Just a note to let you know that I did finally get to try my (closed front) industrial brush cutter! The machine is awesome! I was a little concerned about the low flow output on my Bobcat T190 (16 gpm), but no worries. The cutter operates smoothly and it really eats! Thanks for your help getting me set up. Looking forward to cooler days ahead and some real brush cutting. Have a great rest of the summer.

Kevin A.

Erik – Very happy with everything I purchased from Skid Pro. I look at other attachments that people have purchased from other businesses and realize Skid Pro attachments are so much heavier built & better quality than the competition. Thanks again.

Ron S.

Thank you for checking! The brush cutter has exceeded our expectations, by quite a margin too! I never dreamed you could get that kind of performance from something like that when coupled to a standard flow skidsteer!!! (NH LS180 @ 17 gpm & 2600 psi). It is really well built as well. It is obvious no shortcuts were taken in it's construction. Thank you for building an awesome product! Demolishing brush is fun now!

Greg R.

Thanks for the follow up email. The splitter is amazing…very well built and will split anything. Not sure how I split 10-12 cords of wood a year without it!

Rob K.

The equipment is first class. You ever need a reference for someone worried, have them call me, I’ll sell them.
I have about 6 hours on the mower and have used the pallet forks. All work great and attach perfectly, the forks clear the door by just enough lol. The mower is a beast as I hoped and a great match for the Cat 239 as an FYI. The shipper was about 2 weeks as they will only deliver to our area from Sacramento once a week. The delivery guy was great and they were easy to work with. I will be back when I need more implements.

Jim H.

Just wanted to touch base and let you know that I LOVE the backhoe attachment. Performs exactly as expected, and very intuitive to use if you spend any time on an excavator. Thanks again for the help with it.

Scott S.

Hey guys, finally got to try out the open X4 brush cutter now that it dried out down here! And that thing is a bad dude!!! Very, very pleased with the product and especially the customer service! You guys are top notch! The only down side of the cutter is that it's built so well you can't even hear it running when you’re in the cab! Haha! But thanks for a fantastic product and for you and joe being such good guys!

Mason M.

The broom came in yesterday. The guys got it hooked up and it is going to work perfect for what we are going to use it for. We appreciate the wonderful customer service and hope to do more business with your group in the future. Todd was especially helpful and did a very good job helping us figure out our needs.

Doug B.

Just wanted to let you know I am extremely pleased with the stump grinder I purchased from you. It has more power and works better than I expected. It even handles seasoned hedge (osage orange) stumps fairly well, which is impressive considering its one of the hardest woods out there.
Thanks again,

Ed C.

I'll need some blades soon but the mower is awesome, a real head turner. I have posted a bunch of videos on my instagram that who ever runs your page has commented on. I'm impressed with what it can do on the lower end of the hydraulic flow spectrum. I run a smaller cat 257 with only about 16 GPM and it can still handle a 6" tree.  Great product!

Jesse L.

With the unprecedented warm weather we been having here in south west Ohio, I put the tree puller to the test plucking honeysuckle, roots and all, and a few trees up to 5 inches in diameter. Comparatively speaking between Skid Pro tree puller and competitor tree puller that I also looked at, the Skid Pro model wins hands down. The boxed jaws and covered hydraulic cylinder are just two major benefits. I did not see the need of the optional brush guard that the other model offered. The Skid Pro model is a very stout piece of equipment that I will use in the years to come. Thanks again for a great piece of equipment and fast delivery.

Mike R.

Hi Mike. I spent about an hour with the grapple, it's a beast and works great! Same for the brush cutter! I haven't used the tree shear yet. It's just been too muddy to do anything the past month. Thanks for excellent products and service. You guys rock!!

Joey W.

Hi Mike. I have used the stump grinder on my Kubota SVL75 (17 gpm) a bunch and love it! Have not had a chance to use the brush cutter yet, but it looks very well made . I will let you know what I think after putting some hours on it. Thanks for the follow up, that really means a lot.

John E.

Congratulations! You have a product in McDade Texas!! Made it safe and sound. My initial reaction: it's BEAUTIFUL! ??. Don't really want to get it dirty......!

I'm a retired engineer, and a pretty good technician too. I built my first car at age 15. I spent twelve years in the product development business. I want you to know that I'm rather critical of designs in general. So, I chose your machine after many hours of research and watching your (excellent!) videos. But now that I see it up close; it's a work of art. I love the details you cut into it with the plasma cutter. The welds, fit, and finish are all simply excellent.

It makes me proud to see this level of technology from a little industry in Minnesota. You are what makes our country great! Thanks for a great product at a very fair price. I wish you much success!

Paul D.

Hope you had a merry Christmas too! I've just received word that we can go ahead on Monday with the purchase. The Bobcat does have the 7 pin canbus. I again appreciate your patience as I battle the extremes of adversity over here. Thank you so much for going above and beyond to help me get back into the operators seat, you've always been quick to respond and get any inquiry I've had handled. I do believe in your product and you have explored every avenue along the way to ensure I got the best price you could offer ending in one happy customer with a quality piece of machinery that will stand up to the extreme tasks I demand from it year in and year out. The most ridiculous and awesome value I could have found! And I'll be happy to let anyone who may benefit from that little piece of info know it. Top notch. So I will catch you soon and wait for my real Christmas to pull up in the drive! Thanks!

Ryan H.

In the three years we have dealt with you we have been extremely pleased. All is well as usual and expected.  Everything works as good or better than described.  The tree puller is even better than expected.  We haven't used it much yet but enough to know that it grabs the tree and holds well until the tree is laid down. The Auger is great.  Josh did great talking with an engineer who said that it would work well here...he was correct.  I can drill a 9" hole down to almost 5 feet in the roughest stuff we have.

Y'all are always my first site to search for implements and we've never been disappointed, from great delivery to work in the field. Best to Josh and y'all, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!!

Philip W.

Hi Mike. Got your message and follow up. Yes, I am very VERY pleased with your team's interaction in getting my order.Very impressed with the team. If you have a text number I can send a couple of photos of the tree puller. Again, I do appreciate doing business with you. I found you to be a man of your word and your back up team all had their stuff together' making it easy on me from hello to you to truck in my field J. Happy to be used as a reference or other input.

Ken T.

All attachments work like a charm (minus the snow blower only because I haven’t used it yet) so far and from the looks of the quality, I'm sure I’ll be very happy for some time to come. Thank you to Josh and everyone else who built these implements! I contacted a handful of companies well before I bought my track loader. Josh was not pushy or aggressive through the months it took for me to purchase my machine, and he answered all my questions on what I would need depending on what machine I ended up buying. For that reason (and the high quality) is why I chose Skid Pro…AND I'm a Vikings fan, just kidding, but Go Vikes! Thanks Skid Pro.

New Jersey

Thank you for the kind letter of follow-up regarding my Skid-Pro industrial mower attachment. As a hard working American myself, I am glad to help keep other hard working Americans employed as well. I appreciate the excellent customer service I received as well as the quality and workmanship built into the product. I look forward to doing business in the future with other quality Skid Pro products.

By the way, that machine is a BEAST!

Luke D.

I used the brush cutter today and can't be any happier. It outperformed my expectations. It was a pleasure dealing with you and if I need anything else I will know who to call. Thanks.

Robert W.

I just want to let you know that I am extremely happy with the stump bucket you sold me a couple weeks ago. It has exceeded my expectations by a lot. Great design and very heavy duty. It really has handled rock extraction and stump removal well on my property.

Tim J.

Just wanted to thank you for your company's exemplary service. Everything from ordering to answering questions to follow up on shipping was great...so thank you! I especially appreciated the follow up letter thanking me for my business.

John L.

We recently bought a 72” brush cutter from SkidPro, and could not be happier! This machine, which we hooked up to our Cat 246 skid steer, is stout, surprisingly quiet, and extremely well made. It takes down thick grass and 5” – 6” trees without a whimper.

Very satisfied customer here!!

John F.

Here are the before and after pictures of the patch of trees I was telling you about. This patch is approximately 50' wide and 300' long. The trees range in size from 2" to 5" at the base and 5' to 15' tall. As you can see, the patch is really thick. To clear all these trees with a tree shear and grapples, then stack and burn the material would have taken the better part of a day. The industrial brush cutter we purchased from you and put on our standard flow Bobcat S250 cut the trees and turned them into mulch in about 25 minutes. It is a brute and works great. Thanks for the help.

Trace S.
Omaha, NE

I received the stump bucket today--it's worth every penny! Thank you for helping me adjust my order. I will be doing business with you again.

Chris R.

Hello Skid Pro crew. I received my bucket today and it's the right one! I genuinely appreciate all of your assistance in getting this situation fixed. Even though trucking messed up and we had the wrong shipment on my first purchase; your customer support was exceptional and I will continue to consider your company for future purchases! Thank you again!

Greg W.
New York

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you what a great piece of equipment this HD3 brush mower is. I absolutely love it and would never give it up. It way out performs the Bobcat brand. Just wanted to let you know, good to get complements once in a while too. People tend to forget sometimes. You can use me for a reference if anyone is skeptical. I even chewed into a roll of barbed wire. Simply shut it down the wire just unwound right back out, didn't even have gloves on. Can't say enough good about it! Thanks again.

Brad N.

I wanted to share these photos of me taking out a 10’’ hedge tree. It is extremely hard wood, so I was surprised how easily and clean it cut it down. I also wanted to share how my Skid Pro Open X cutter stacks up against the competition. My neighbor recently bought a $9,000 competitor-brand cutter. We decided to have a head-to-head cutting contest in some really deep, nasty grass and brush. I couldn’t slow down the Open X4, it would just walk right through without skipping a beat. While the other brand cutter kept bogging down. My neighbor is having some major mower envy right now, not to mention I spent $2,500 less than him! Thanks for a great product at a good price!

Robert W.

Good afternoon, just received my mower and got it unloaded. Won't be able to run it until this weekend maybe. I can tell you I'm very impressed on how it's built. I'm not too knowledgeable on mowers but have looked at a couple brands in person and they are not close on build with your unit. Your videos and pictures really don't show how well it's built. If it runs like it looks I know I won't be disappointed.

Sean W.

The two snow pusher boxes were fantastic! The 10 ft length was the way to go! It moved massive amounts of snow on long runs and the heavy rubber edge contoured perfectly to the asphalt leaving bare pavement. High quality workmanship that paid big dividends for our commercial snow removal business during one of the worst winters we have ever seen. And from the looks of it, the boxes will be helping us for many years in the future!

Tracy C.

As a veteran of over 30 years in the construction equipment sales arena, I am pleased to know of a company with good "old fashion " followup...

I am very pleased with your product and would recommend them to any one appreciative of quality, durable products with a sales and support staff that is customer focused.

Keith K.

Just thought I’d let you know that the grapple and brush mower are working well. They’ve held up to everything me & my CAT 236 have thrown at them and more. Josh was also very good to deal with. If I ever need to buy anymore implements, I wouldn’t hesitate to call again. Thanks, Malcolm.

Malcolm W.

Ben – This weekend was the first time I was able to use the Skid Pro brush cutter that I purchased from you. WOW!! This thing is amazing. I can’t tell you how impressed I am. I call it the” DESTROYER”. Everyone around here that has seen it in action is in awe. Being in the manufacturing business myself I know how important it is to put out a quality product. Skid Pro has done an excellent job designing and manufacturing this piece of equipment. It does everything it claims it can do and then some. Thanks for your help and I will definitely refer business your way at every opportunity!

Jim H.

I have to say, the mower exceeds all of my expectations. BEEFY! It is super rugged, it runs far more smoothly than I expected, it has a good coat of paint, and it mows perfectly. I am very happy with it and I will most definitely order from you folks again if I have a need. Your service is superb.

Chris J.

Josh, the auger works great! Shipping and delivery went smooth. It was one of the easiest transactions I have ever had! Thanks again for your help.

Mike L.

Josh, thanks for the email, the brush cutter has been impressive. I just put it through about 40 hours of some tough & rough terrain and it held up great. It cut some pretty heavy material & still runs smooth. Its capacity still impresses me, and this from a guy that mostly runs my forestry cutting head (i.e. mulcher) on my Terex PT100.

Ira H.

Hi Josh – Just thought you’d like to see these pictures…Even my small Case 1840 can dig out some big, old stumps.  This is the stump of a 32 inch beech tree, and my Skid Pro bucket could handle it.  It took me a couple of stumps to get the technique down, but now I know how to use the leverage of the tool and the weight of the skid steer to do the work.  The teeth really do cut through the roots. A great piece of equipment!

Paul R.

Josh – It is a good investment and I am very satisfied with your product. It is made extremely durable and has done all I can ask for. Have a great holiday and thanks, Jim.

Jim G.

Josh – Finally got to use the Industrial Cutter, and it is fantastic! Of all the attachments I have ever purchased it has impressed me the most. It really eats up trees and whatever else is in front of it. It is an excellent value for the work that it is capable of doing. Thanks so much for your product advice and great customer service.

Rick L.

Hi Josh – Got the mower on Thursday, no problem unloading but it was a good thing I had forks or we would have to go to plan B. Hooked it up to the Bobcat and found I had to reverse the hoses to make it run counterclockwise. Then proceeded to take it into the woods and have some fun. Works fantastic. My wife told me to slow down or we wouldn’t have any trees left! I am glad I went with the 60 inch unit, it’s about right for the 763. I believe the 72 inch unit would have worked but it may have been more cumbersome. Overall I am very pleased with the unit. I thank you for working with me to overcome the mix up and get it in a timely manner. If I know somebody that is looking for a mower or anything else, I will send them your way with a very positive recommendation.

Tim W.

Josh – The grapple is working just great, very pleased to have made the purchase.  Your help and service has been the best and I thank you for it.  My Memorial Day weekend was great as I was able to have the biggest “hotdog” fire with all the trees and brush I gathered using the grapple!  Thanks again and I will surely contact you if the need arises in the future.

Duane J.

I bought a stump bucket from Josh at Skid Pro, and am extremely happy with how well it is built and its overall field performance. I couldn’t ask for better service and product knowledge, Josh and crew are a pleasure to deal with.

Jerry B.

Hi Josh, the Industrial Brush Cutter has worked out really well for us.  I’ve used it real, real hard several times and each time at the end of the day upon checking it over it is still perfect.  The deck is not just bullet proof, its boulder proof.  I’ve split unseen rocks and sent pieces flying that would make me think I had to have dented the deck, but there’s not a deflection to be seen in it.  I’m very pleased with the entire unit.  Thanks for making a great product.  As I said when I called and talked to you, I had a good feeling about your products and that has certainly born out to be true.  Have a great holiday weekend!

Ted W.
New York

When I called the guys at Skid Pro I was in a bit of a bind. I had a big demolition project coming up and needed a grapple fast. I tried to buy the lighter one, but they talked me into the Premier Skeleton Grapple because of my larger-framed track loader (BC T250) and the type of work I was doing, and boy am I glad they did. I ordered the grapple on a Friday and it shipped on Monday. We demolished nearly 50 homes in two weeks and the grapple worked great with no trouble. For quality products, fast shipping and great customer service, I’d recommend Skid Pro to anyone. Thanks again.

Frank B.

Josh – The auger works great!  We have dug so many holes I am running out of fence posts. This machine is impressive.  I cut through solid rock in one place.  It took a while but it did it with no problem. The auger is exactly what you said and more!  I also used the adapter you supplied and it works great. Thank you and thanks for following up.

Gary H.

Josh, I want to tell you I’m extremely pleased with the rock bucket.  It was a pleasure dealing with you, and your company should be very proud of your no-hassle service.  It is sometimes difficult in dealing with some companies via the Internet, but dealing with you is a pleasure.  There’s no doubt I’ll be looking for other implements from you.  Thanks again.

Rob F.

WOW! The grapple I bought from your company worked a lot better than anticipated or expected!!!! First thing as an engineer, I appreciate the sturdy construction and excellent manufacturing of the grapple. First class all the way. No part of it is cheaply done, from the steel to the welds to the hydraulic hoses and connectors. All first rate, heavy steel, heavy construction, everything!!! The grapple should withstand years and years of hard use.
Second, the design is well thought out. The grapple worked better than anticipated. Not only did it pull the prickly pear at the roots, but it also handled brush and up to 6″ mesquite trees. With a skilled operator we had a huge area totally cleared to the bare dirt in less than 6 hrs. Buying the grapple form your company is the best equipment investment I could have made.

Your company puts out a first rate product, and the best part is that you provided me with excellent customer service. Looking forward to our continuing relationship.

Gil V.

Josh, I recently purchased the 8′ super duty dozer blade for my 873 Bobcat wheeled skid loader.  So far I’m very impressed with its construction and the ease of use with the direction control.  It works very well on grading my gravel driveway.  It’s still a little wet to try out on grading soil, but so far, it works well on the wheeled loader.

 I appreciate the thank you letter you sent.  I believe my grandfather would be impressed by the dozer’s quality, and I enjoy dealing with businesses that have that sense of customer service that was prevalent in my grandpa’s day but is so hard to find these days.

 If I need any other attachments, Skid Pro is at the top of my list to contact. Have a great day.

Sean W.

Hey Ben, just wanted to let you know I got the blade on time and no hassle.  The blade looks awesome!  Just finished locking up a contract with a very pristine neighborhood.   If it goes well, I will be looking for a blower, and/or one of them big snow box deals for parking lots.    I am meeting with a giant church about snow removal, next. Thanks again

Devin W.

Josh, I have had the implements for almost 2 weeks now. I just wanted to write back and say thank you for all of your help throughout all of our conversations. I have increased my progress on my property by leaps and bounds. I now have 7 huge piles of trees piled up with the help of the grapple. I thought that was the best of the 2 items I got until I tried out the stump bucket. I have been using it to pluck up trees up to 6 inches in diameter. The trees bigger than 2 inches fit in the bucket teeth making it very easy to pluck them up. I am overall very happy with my purchase and constantly tell my wife how great of a purchase it was. Thanks again.

Levi M.

Josh, I received the X mower and it works great on the 1845c skidsteer. I did turn up the pressure as you mentioned and it did help. It is very well built just like the video.  The video was the reason I went with this brand because I wanted to see how it was built before buying it. I noticed the other manufacturers don’t show what’s underneath probably because of flimsy construction. Thanks for your help and a great product!

Steve S.

I ordered a stump bucket on Oct 3rd in the afternoon. The product showed up at my door on Oct 5th (and I’m 4 states away)…I couldn’t believe how fast it was shipped out! 30 minutes after getting it off the truck and putting on my Terex PT 70, I already had a stump dug out! Great product and extremely fast service. Thanks for the help!

John K.

Josh, I received the bale spear and have been using it ever since.  I had researched different companies/manufactures and found your company to be the most helpful in my consideration for the right fit.  The bale spear attachment is very SOLID and well worth the investment.

I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Again, thank you for a great product.

Best Regards.

Daryl R.

Hey Ben, just a note to let you know how grateful I am for the help I received from you guys.  I received the grapples quickly and was able to get right to work doing the storm clean-ups.  I was worried about spending the additional money on a new attachment, seeing how the economy is tight, but they’ve worked out perfect, and paid for themselves the first week.

I would recommend them to anyone. I don’t buy many things over the internet, so I was apprehensive, but all the info you sent me and the questions you asked me, helped to eliminate those worries. Thanks for all your help.

Jeff H.
South Carolina

Storm clean up here in Missouri has been a big part of our business this summer. I started out with a bargain grapple that didn’t hold up to my large Bobcat. After taking that grapple back, I talked to Josh at Skid Pro and got their brush rake grapple. Not only does the design make for fast, easy clean up, it has stood up to some of the toughest work conditions I’ve ever seen. From big rocks that will stop you in your tracks to huge tree trunks and brush, this grapple has taken everything my Bobcat S300 can dish out. I wish I would have saved all that hassle and gotten your grapple from the start.

Joe H.

I called the guys at Skid Pro around 9 pm Thursday night. Besides surprising me that they actually answered the phone, they were very helpful and knew their equipment and my machine. After a quick discussion, we figured out what grapple would fit my needs and CAT 262C skid steer best, and I placed an order. They put a rush on it and had my brush rake grapple and pallet forks on a truck before noon the next day…I couldn’t believe it! The attachments showed up at our ranch Monday morning and the overall design and quality had me impressed. After a couple hours of work, I was a believer. Thanks for a good product, but more importantly good product support.

Jared S.

I found Ben from Skidpro.com on the internet while looking for a grapple bucket. Ben “steered” me to the premier series skeleton grapple bucket. Picked it up and connected it to our John Deere 317 skid steer. Worked perfect. Quality was excellent, real heavy duty 1/2″ high strength steel tines. Next is a back hoe, trailer hitch attachment, snowblower...

Jack E.

We have just used the bush hog, what a great piece of equipment! We have never seen one that performs like this one. Thanks.

James B.

We ended up ordering 3 attachments from Skid Pro, including one custom mount auger for our backhoe. Josh was very helpful in guiding me through the order both on the technical side and product fit side. I would recommend Skid Pro to any business that is looking for total customer support from beginning to end.

Jeff W.

Josh, Incredible machine with your grapple on it!  Thanks Larry

grapple pic1

Larry L.

I ran across Skid Pro on the internet. I was looking for a grapple for my tractor, but had a specific need and a non-universal bracket to fit my loader. The guys at Skid Pro helped get me all of the information I needed custom fabrication on my grapple to fit up to my loader, and they did it at no extra charge! The grapple showed up on time and I was able to put it to work right off the pallet. Thanks for the great customer service and extra effort to help solve my unique problem. Working with Skid Pro is as easy as it gets.

Danny M.

Things are finally progressing now on our house-building project, and I used the pallet forks for the first time yesterday unloading a truck of lumber with my Case IH DX45.  It was a very large load and everyone there, including myself, was impressed with the forks.  Just looking at them you can see how well they are made, but when I put them to the test with the maximum my tractor could lift it proved what I thought.  Great product and a great company, including dealing with you, I couldn’t be more satisfied.  I just wish all business were like you guys. Thank you.

Brad H.
South Dakota

I have purchased quite a bit of equipment over the last few years to upkeep our acreage. I had a very specific need for a skid steer brush mower, so I took my time to evaluate many different brands and models. After careful consideration on work needs, price and quality, and lengthy discussions with product specialists, I decide to go with Skid Pro. Not only did their mower turn out to be very well built and easy to use, their staff helped thoroughly answer all of my questions. I felt I was getting the perfect fit for my new John Deere 318 D and what I needed to accomplish on my property. The product arrived quickly and the sales and tech people at Skid Pro helped with multiple questions after the sale. Thanks for a good product and reliable, old-fashioned customer service.

John F.

I narrowed down my stump bucket to two companies. One was more economically priced than Skid Pro’s. I went with Skid Pro’s and I am glad that I did. Not only does its unique design give me better field performance, they had it in stock and I was able to put it to work right away. From ease of doing business with, to customer service, to well-made products, I would recommend Skid Pro to any hard-working contractor that is short on time and wants good equipment at a fair price.

Rick F.

Our New Holland L190 skid steer is one of our most used and valuable assets in our farming operation. I’ve run quite a few attachments over the years and figured most of them were pretty much the same. I was looking at a Bobcat brand angle broom but decided to call the guys at Skid Pro after stumbling across them on the internet. Their staff was very knowledgeable and took the time to help me compare the quality and features on their broom versus the Bobcat. After our conversation it was clear the Skid Pro broom had a leg-up on quality over the Bobcat. On top of that, they had the broom in stock and beat Bobcat’s price! The broom arrived at our farm in perfect condition only 2 days after leaving the factory. I was even more impressed with the quality and construction after seeing it in person. Thanks for the helpful service and a well-built product.

Doug Z.
North Dakota

Just wanted to send a note of thank you to Josh for the great deal on the pallet forks for our Bobcat, they work wonderfully.  We really appreciate the speedy delivery, it couldn’t have possibly been any faster or easier.  We are very impressed with the quality and appearance of the pallet forks, and best of all, the price.

Gary B.

During the spring, we are going full tilt and my time is at a premium. After I emailed the guys at Skid Pro, they called me the same day and we discussed our options. After a week, our time table changed and a big project got moved up. Our old pick up broom was down and we needed a new one right away. I ordered the broom on Friday late afternoon, and they shipped it out first thing on Monday. The broom arrived Tuesday morning. This is the third brand of pick up broom our company has bought and this one is the most heavy-duty yet. Overall, it doesn’t get much easier than this, and the excellent service and well-built product are icing on the cake.

Tom K.

The guys at Skid Pro were great to work with and really knew their stuff.  I researched every attachment manufacture and they make literally the strongest stump bucket and backhoe you can find.  While a couple companies had lower prices, their attachments were considerably lighter gauge steel and didn’t have the same high-quality features.  My attachments shipped same day of order and I got them in about 3 days.  Very happy with these products and have no regrets.  These attachments are so heavy duty I expect to have them for many years of use.  Thanks for a fun and easy purchase, quick delivery and well-built products!

Chase C.