Tom W.

I sincerely thank Skid Pro for the patience, professionalism, and quality of design provided to me during the entire sales process. The shipment arrived on time and the delivery went by the books, according to plan.

My first experience outside of the phone calls and You Tube videos (by Josh) came with the packaging. Your packaging engineer works overtime to protect your shipments. By taking the amount of time to guarantee and protect your shipment, I rest assured in the quality that goes into your manufacture! The next step that stood out to me was the shipment quality checklist. Final inspection of your product took place before the merchandise was fitted to the custom crate.

After taking the bands and frame apart, I could finally get to the “goods” (96” snow blade, 72” HF snow blower & receiver hitch). To be honest, I could only say “Wow, the metal is so thick, the product is so heavy, and everything is built so well”! I unloaded my shipment and conducted initial start-up procedures before preparing for corn harvest.

By allowing the shipment to come early, you helped me prepare for corn harvest which starts end of October. We have 2,200 acres to pull out. The window for weather looks good right now, but it can change w/o much notice. My thanks to you and your firm for the early shipment allow me to safely unload and unpackage your shipment without having to break away from harvest and rush things along.

In closing, I look forward to putting your product to use, but by nature, use of your product means winter has arrived! I wish you a great day, and I thank you for your time.