Tim White – Spooner, WI

Hi Josh – Got the mower on Thursday, no problem unloading but it was a good thing I had forks or we would have to go to plan B. Hooked it up to the Bobcat and found I had to reverse the hoses to make it run counterclockwise. Then proceeded to take it into the woods and have some fun. Works fantastic. My wife told me to slow down or we wouldn’t have any trees left! I am glad I went with the 60 inch unit, it’s about right for the 763. I believe the 72 inch unit would have worked but it may have been more cumbersome. Overall I am very pleased with the unit. I thank you for working with me to overcome the mix up and get it in a timely manner. If I know somebody that is looking for a mower or anything else, I will send them your way with a very positive recommendation.