Ryan H.

Hope you had a merry Christmas too! I’ve just received word that we can go ahead on Monday with the purchase. The Bobcat does have the 7 pin canbus. I again appreciate your patience as I battle the extremes of adversity over here. Thank you so much for going above and beyond to help me get back into the operators seat, you’ve always been quick to respond and get any inquiry I’ve had handled. I do believe in your product and you have explored every avenue along the way to ensure I got the best price you could offer ending in one happy customer with a quality piece of machinery that will stand up to the extreme tasks I demand from it year in and year out. The most ridiculous and awesome value I could have found! And I’ll be happy to let anyone who may benefit from that little piece of info know it. Top notch. So I will catch you soon and wait for my real Christmas to pull up in the drive! Thanks!