Richard V.

Thanks for giving me the chance to apologize for not getting back to you sooner. If you remember, I hate computers and don’t really know how to operate the smart phone. Only with your help, I was able to send you the picture you wanted of my electrical connections on my skid loader. That is the one and only picture I have ever sent!

Now that I have finally apologized for not getting back to you, I will get to the dozer blade. I was not able to see the dozer blade in person and I was hoping for the best in construction. When the dozer blade finally got here and I checked it over, I was thoroughly amazed on how well it was built. Not 10 times better than expected, but closer to 100 times better than expected. I have used it a lot, it was a lot easier than expected to operated. People thought a professional did the work which I was able to do with the dozer blade!

This dozer blade has been by far, the best attachment equipment I have purchased for my skid loader. I would like to give you a 5 star review for this dozer blade, the only problem I have no way of knowing how to do this online. I owe you tremendously for all your help in purchasing this excellent piece of equipment. Thanks again for contacting me.