Paul D.

Congratulations! You have a product in McDade Texas!! Made it safe and sound. My initial reaction: it’s BEAUTIFUL! ??. Don’t really want to get it dirty……!

I’m a retired engineer, and a pretty good technician too. I built my first car at age 15. I spent twelve years in the product development business. I want you to know that I’m rather critical of designs in general. So, I chose your machine after many hours of research and watching your (excellent!) videos. But now that I see it up close; it’s a work of art. I love the details you cut into it with the plasma cutter. The welds, fit, and finish are all simply excellent.

It makes me proud to see this level of technology from a little industry in Minnesota. You are what makes our country great! Thanks for a great product at a very fair price. I wish you much success!