Jim O.

Thanks for the email. The order and delivery process for my mower was great and I’ve put about 60 hours on it now. I was kinda hoping to get a few little side jobs to help pay for it but the first “little” job I got paid $5,000 and I have another $1,500 job to do, so it essentially paid for itself in two jobs!

This mower just lives to eat sagebrush and the bigger the better. It will plow through 10′ tall Basin Sage that is so thick a meadow mouse couldn’t get through it and my machine is only pumping 17.1 gal/min. When I mow the big stuff I do wish I had enough flow to use the full potential of the mower but this mower does exactly what you guys claim and then some. I sharpened the blades once and I can get to the blades with my grinder without taking them off.

Awesome mower and Skid Pro has been awesome! My wife took a video for you and I’ll send it soon.