Gil Villanueva – Helotes, TX

WOW! The grapple I bought from your company worked a lot better than anticipated or expected!!!! First thing as an engineer, I appreciate the sturdy construction and excellent manufacturing of the grapple. First class all the way. No part of it is cheaply done, from the steel to the welds to the hydraulic hoses and connectors. All first rate, heavy steel, heavy construction, everything!!! The grapple should withstand years and years of hard use.
Second, the design is well thought out. The grapple worked better than anticipated. Not only did it pull the prickly pear at the roots, but it also handled brush and up to 6″ mesquite trees. With a skilled operator we had a huge area totally cleared to the bare dirt in less than 6 hrs. Buying the grapple form your company is the best equipment investment I could have made.

Your company puts out a first rate product, and the best part is that you provided me with excellent customer service. Looking forward to our continuing relationship.