David W.

I use the shredder (Skid Pro X4 Industrial Brush Cutter – Open Front) mostly for cleaning out under large oak trees on my land in Texas. The undergrowth ranges between 1” to 6” diameter brush and it takes me around 15 minutes per oak tree. I also use the shredder to clear paths through the brush and I would guess it takes me around 30 minutes to clear a 50 yard path wide enough for my 16’ tractor-pulled mower to get through for subsequent trail maintenance.

I use to clear under large trees by first cutting the brush with a tree saw attachment, stacking the brush with a grapple rake and then burning it. That would take at least one hour per tree and doesn’t include the time necessary to change attachments, monitor a fire, etc. Another real advantage of the Skid Pro shredder is the ability to cut brush at the ground level, unlike my tractor mower that leaves brush stems quite a bit above ground. Paths cut by your X4 shredder are much easier to navigate and you are able to avoid the tire punctures that stubs can cause.

So all in all I am very pleased with my Skid Pro X4 shredder, and just wish I had more time to enjoy it! I am happy to share this with you, and you are welcome to share my experience with any of your customers. Thanks again for making a great product and also being readily available on the customer service side to help w/ any questions.