Craig L.

I headed out to the trees the Saturday after getting the puller, and plucked the first one up with such ease. I was laughing! The double jaws make all the difference as the tree has little to no chance of pivoting. Dual jaws also allow for placing the trees precisely on ground, in piles with little effort. Most of what I removed Saturday were 20′ plus pine trees 4-6″ diameter. They come up easy with their shallow roots. Other trees had deeper roots, but I followed the videos and removed them too with little difficulty.

Went out again this afternoon but this time it was hardwood trees taller than 20′. The jaws snuggled around them at the very front, they were bigger, and I rocked back and forth easily watching for root movement. They came out with little trouble! When i was adjusting the jaws the first one fell forward laying on the driveway. No big deal, as I went up to it, tilted jaws 90 degrees and picked it up slowly then pivoted the tree vertical and moved it to its final resting place. That was really cool!

I repeated this on the other trees (except the falling part). This is one awesome piece of equipment! Your description, videos and discussion of what this can do was all spot-on. You took very good care of me as well, which was much appreciated!