Bryan W.

I’ve had a chance to use the open front brush cutter on several occasions now and let me say WOW! This thing is very well built and will mow through anything!The first big job I used it for was clearing the tree lines back around our hay ground.  Then I took it to clear some really thick overgrowth that was around an old hog barn that I could not see what I was getting into due to it being so thick. I hit some old metal hog feeders and some large chunks of concrete. I have to say it made me sick to my stomach thinking I probably did some damage to the brush cutter. I shut it down backed out and lifted it up to see how much damage I did. I couldn’t believe there was no damage other than a few little dings on a couple of blades! I still have not got a grapple yet, but when I do rest assured it will be a Skid Pro. I do a lot of welding and fab work myself and take pride in over-building my projects. I have to say looking over the design of this thing there is not one thing I would change.