Nathan Koury

Favorite Skid Pro Attachment: The X4 Open Front Brush Cutter! This thing is a monster that just plain works. I’m still wowed whenever I use it on what it can do. It makes cutting new trails a breeze and helps keep the old ones clear. It’s a deer hunters dream land management tool!

Personal Time/Hobbies: My wife and I we were both drawn to North Central Minnesota for the love of the lakes and being outdoors. I enjoy all things motor sports, hunting, fishing and spending time on the water with friends.

Something Surprising: I was an art student in high school, specifically working w/ digital art and drawing. I still enjoy it, though it is not something I do much anymore.   

Favorite Food:  Fish Tacos for sure! Something about them makes you feel like you are on the ocean front, can’t beat it!

What I like most about my Job: My favorite part about this job is the opportunity to talk with the customer and help them decide what attachment will work best for them by using my product knowledge and operating experience. Nothing beats an email back from a happy customer!