Nate Hjelle

Favorite Skid Pro Attachment: Growing up in MN and living 15 miles from town with a driveway that would fill up with a 5MPh wind out of the Northwest, a snow blower has to be far and away my favorite attachment.  Sitting in a nice heated cab chugging along at 5MPH while the wind is blowing and the temp is 20 below 0, can’t beat it!

Personal Time/Hobbies: My wife and I have 2 boys, age 9 and 13 who are very active in sports and hunting so I love chasing them all around the country watching them play there sports, whether that is coaching them or just sitting in the stands.  We also like to spend time working around our house or on the lake enjoying a nice summer afternoon.

Something Surprising: I managed a Hockey rink for a couple of years with no experience in Ice maintenance or Zamboni driving skills so I guess I can say that I am a self-taught expert at driving a Zamboni, I can get the ice cleaned, doors closed and team on the ice in 9 minutes!  Everybody I know that is a hockey fan wants to drive the Zamboni, my advice, it’s not as easy as it looks especially when you have a couple hundred people watching you!

Favorite Food:  Nothing beats a bone in pork chop cooked on the grill with some tomatoes and green beans on the side!

What I like most about my Job: The favorite part of my job is following up with my customers to see how there attachment are working.  It’s extremely gratifying knowing I was able to help them with a project they had going on, getting there land cleared up for the next hunting season, moving snow so there kids could get on the bus and they could get to work, and the list goes on and on..  You can almost hear them smile when they tell you how great the attachment has been working and they wish they had bought one years before.