James Dyrdahl

James joined the Skid Pro team with over 15 years of customer service, construction, and sales experience.  He likes a challenge and a little friendly competition to keep things interesting. He is always ready to meet people and make new friends. 

Favorite Skid Pro Attachment: That would have to be the 4N1 Combo Bucket.  To be able to scoop, back drag, grapple, etc., makes this such a versatile attachment that should be part of everyone’s lineup of attachments.

Personal Time/Hobbies: Living in MN, its all about the seasons. Summer is all about getting out in the sun and either golfing with friends and family or taking the girlfriend out for a nice long motorcycle ride.  While in winter, I look forward to snow for hitting the trails and ditches on the snowmobile.

Something Surprising About Me:  I have a pin holding my left hip in place from a childhood accident.  While it did derail my promising break-dancing career, it has never really slowed me down, and it gives me a great fallback excuse when I shoot a bad round of golf.

Favorite Food: Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

What I Like Most About My Job:  Being part of the Skid Pro team first and foremost.   Love to be able to help people out solving attachment needs while excelling their business productivity and saving them time on projects.  Always a good feeling to have a job well done.