Dan Wacker

Dan comes to Skid Pro with over 8 years of experience in law enforcement. He worked for the local Sheriff’s Office and was apart of SWAT, Dive Rescue, Honor Guard and worked as a narcotics agent for their drug and violent crime task force. Dan gather his skid steer knowledge from working on dairy farms and working in the landscaping and irrigation industry.

Favorite Skid Pro Attachment: Industrial Brush Cutter, when you call to check in with clients to see how everything is going, this is one of those attachments that you can hear/ feel their excitement over the phone. The industrial brush cutter will turn even the biggest, manliest men into little giddy schoolgirls after just a few minutes behind our cutter.

Personal Time/Hobbies: Any type of hunting or fishing. My favorite annual trip is bowhunting in South Dakota for Mule deer. Ice Fishing takes a close second. Of course that is when I’m not hanging out with my family. With two little girls and a third one on the way, it keeps us busy.

Something Surprising About Me: I have a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Favorite Food: Easy……T-Bone Steaks

What I Like Most About My Job: Chatting with people from all over the country (sometimes the world) and helping them solve their problems by listening to their needs and getting them into the right attachment.