Ben Hartwell

AKA “The Hammer,” started at the ground floor with Skid Pro. The only thing that surpasses his good looks would be his ability to earn the trust of his customers and find win/win solutions for them and the company. At 20 years of direct sales experience, he’s our most senior-level Guru.

Favorite Skid Pro Attachment: Auger – Have you ever dug a post-hole by hand?!?!

Personal Time/Hobbies: Spending time with my family will always be my #1 hobby. When not in the office you can usually find me on the golf course or the lake, soaking up the summer sun or ice-fishing for the elusive 32” walleye in the winter.

Something Surprising About Me: I am an exceptional juggler (at least the kids think so)!

Favorite Food: Anything Mexican

What I Like Most About My Job: Very cliché’ but true, I love helping people. There is nothing more rewarding than receiving a customer testimonial on how much a given attachment helped their business or saved them time on a project. Those are the moments that remind me how much I love my job.