The Best 5 Skid Steer Loader Attachments

Skid steer loaders provide a reliable solution to a wide range of jobs at modern construction sites, industrial farms, large residential properties, and more. These versatile machines are used across many industries because they can turn a job that used to require an entire team into one done easily by one person. When equipped with the correct attachments, your Skid Steer is able to assist you with a number of tasks on a job site. As it can be expensive to buy numerous attachments, so it’s important to determine which attachments you do and don’t need for your jobs. Probably the easiest way to begin is by seeing which attachments are the most popular.

#1 Auger. Say goodbye to manually digging holes! Especially when faced with a task like putting in a new fence and digging hole after hole, this is a life saver. The corkscrew shape of the auger simplifies the task of digging a precise hole – the attachment digs deep into the ground without damaging the soil around it.

#2 Backhoe. Let’s say you need to dig something seriously big or deep, or both. You won’t use an auger, you’ll use a Skid Steer backhoe attachment. With heavy-duty cast teeth and large bucket sizes, this type of attachment can break through hard earth. Backhoes are commonly used for digging utility trenches, basements, drainage ditches and footings.

#3 Angle Broom. Sometimes the worst part of your job is the cleanup afterwards. The Skid Steer Angle Broom is an auto-float broom that follows the contour of the ground. It features a spring flex which sets down pressure, reduces bristle wear, plus direct-drive motor for maximum torque and reliability. The dual-directional motor sweeps powerfully in both directions so you’ll be finished and done for the day faster than ever before.

#4 Bale Spear. Farmers and farm workers all across the country are singing the praises of the Skid Pro Bale Spear. Finally, getting your hay in for the season is easy. It is actually a one person job, too! Our bale spear features a forged spear for maximum strength and a small diameter for better pierce and tight bales. It has a 3,500 lbs. rated lift capacity and an HD frame for ultimate durability.

#5 Tree Saw. By using the saw attachment for your Skid Steer, cutting through trunks and branches becomes a much easier task. Our attachment has an extra-long reach which gives you the ability to trim limbs 18’ to 20’ off the ground. You can quickly and easily hook it up to the Skid Steer so you’re not wasting time. It features a 5,000 RPM motor that delivers super-fast cutting and high productivity.

No matter which SKid Steer attachments you end up deciding upon, the right thing to do is order them from Skid Pro. When you order Skid Steer attachments online, you can easily find exactly what you are looking for and get it for a reasonable price you will be happy with.

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