Skid Steer Brush Mower

There are two different skid steer brush mowers/brush cutters in the SkidPro Line:

The Industrial Brush Mower/Cutter The HD3 Mower
x4 genII closed cut 1
hd3mower callout


For those large areas where you have dense, tangled undergrowth to deal with a skid steer brush hog attachment is the only way to go (brush hog is often used as a generic term for any make of skid steer brush mower). So put your skid steer’s incredible power and torque to good use by buying a skid steer rotary mower attachment to take care of those clearing jobs that require extra muscle. Get the job done more efficiently and with the desired result by using a well-built skid steer brush mower attachment.

There are some mower attachment features that are a must to consider when you are ready to buy a skid steer brush mower to make sure you protect your investment and keep costs down. Take a look at the mower blades, make sure they are sharpened on both sides so that you can use them in either direction, this will cut down on replacement cost. A protective cover on the direct drive will protect the internal components of the drive and keep debris out; this will reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Consider all features that the mower has to offer when looking for a skid steer brush mower for sale. The mower deck is a big one. Since the mower deck is the primary support structure for the mower it has to be heavily constructed to provide the support necessary to tackle the tough jobs and to prevent damage to the machine itself. To keep the mower securely on the ground and to keep it from twisting when you mow over branches and heavy underbrush it needs to have an extra ridged deck with steel reinforcements along the front as well as across the frame laterally.

It is also very important to have additional support around the hydraulic motor or gearbox since that is where the real action takes place, a heavy gauge steel plate in addition to the mower deck is ideal. Heavy gauge steel is required to withstand the force generated by the rapidly rotating cutting blades of the mower.

Skid Pro Attachments offers two skid steer brush mowers that incorporate a Rigi-Deck design that uses 80,000 psi rated 1/4″ steel decking and utilizes reinforced perimeter-frame & center-frame square tubing stiffeners. Dual hydraulic pressure relief valves with dynamic braking offer superior motor protection.

Replaceable front skid shoes give mower deck durability and protection and the 3 high-carbon, reversible, swing-away steel blades give an aggressive bite and even cutting. These machines are engineered for commercial durability and long life.

Whether you buy a new or used skid steer brush mower it is especially important that you keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance and replace worn or defective parts as soon as they are detected. If you take good care of your skid steer brush mower attachment you can count on years of dependable performance.