Skid Pro SFP36

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Silt Fence Plow

Skid Pro Advantage

      • Installs silt fence left, center or right of machine
      • Fits most common 36” silt fabric, 48” width optional
      • Spring loaded coulter with hardened steel blade
      • 2” hard surfaced plow point & 1” thick moldboard
      • HD main frame utilizes 6” x4” x 3/8” tube
      • 3 point hitch adapter compatible for dual carrier use

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Special Features

  • HD frame of 6” x 4” x 3/8” give it the heaviest build of any SFP in the industry
  • Adjustable plow has multiple settings allowing fence to be plowed right, left or center
  • Fabric chute utilizes stainless steel parts in key wear areas to improve longevity
  • Rear pivot has 90 degree swing to either side of center for tight turning while plowing
  • Plow can install silt fence from 6” deep to 20” deep depending on job & need

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Industrial Design

  • Replaceable 2” hardened plow point & 1” thick moldboard for added durability
  • HD reinforced ½” frame engineered for maximum durability and long life
  • Spring loaded, 16” diameter coulter is hardened to cut through tough soil, debris & roots
  • XL 2” x 8” greaseable pivot pins for added durability and easy maintenance

Operator Ease

  • Fabric tension spring with 16” diameter fabric retention plate keeps fabric taut
  • Oversized reel allows for 1500’ rolls of silt fence material to be used
  • Retractable storage legs w/ oversized shoes for added stability and easy storing
  • Dual knife point settings gives added adjustability and use by lower horse skid steers


  • HD 36” model most common, but home-owner 36”, HD 42” & HD 48” available
  • Unique push/pull model available for large-framed, high-power track loader
  • Push/pull option allows operator to drive forward or backward when installing
  • Wire un-roller option if putting down wire-backed silt fence


Model SFP36 SFP42 SFP48
Knife Height (Top) 76” 76” 76”
Knife Height (Bottom) 71” 71” 71”
Width 46” 46” 46”
Length 110” 121” 127”
Offsetting 18”/31/center 18”/31/center 18”/31/center
Weight 875 920 958