Order Skeleton Grapple Attachments Online

If you have a big outdoor job to do, you need the right tools to help you. If you already have a Skid Steer, you’re on the right track! For many chores, the right attachment is a Skeleton Grapple. A Skeleton Grapple is engineered by experts to pick rocks and debris from the soil with the added feature of independent grapples to secure a variety of materials. This attachment is mainly used in industrial applications where the work is being done on hard flat surfaces, such as landscape remodeling, demolition, recycling, and scrap applications. If you need to tear something apart and get it out of your way, you want a Skid Steer Skeleton Grapple to help you!

Of course, not just any attachment will do. You can only do your best work if you’re using the best tools. This means ordering your needed Skeleton Grapple attachment online from Skid Pro.

The Skid Pro Advantage
#1 Our Skeleton Grapple geometry delivers 85% more clamping force
#2 Our industrial cylinders: 2.5” bore, 10” stroke, 1 ¼” rod
#3 The Skeleton Grapple is designed with with fully boxed 360-degree, steel cylinder guards
#4 There are XL 1 ¼” greasable pins at every pivot point
#5 Upturned tine tips allow fast forward raking
#6 High tensile 80,000 psi steel and ½” thick tines means you’ll get the task done

You won’t enjoy these special features from any other brand. That is precisely why this is the best-selling all-around grapple. There is so much versatility! Tough 1/2″ high-strength 80,000 psi rated steel tines means you’ll get every job done, without a problem. Cross member supports and gusseted teeth add rigidity and strength. Up-turned tips give load security and allow gliding over ground for small brush clean up. Our Skeleton Grapples features unique top grapple geometry that gives clamping force up to 85% stronger than anything made by the competition. Above all, this attachment is engineered for long life and the ability to handle the toughest loads. You’re tough, and your attachment should be too!

Because we’re the best company in the industry, we don’t just think about how to make your attachment strong. We also consider you in the design process! We focus specifically on operator ease. The open back design gives optimal visibility as you use it. As well, there is an oversized safety step for easier cab access. The versatile design gives optimal performance on small brush up to large logs. There are four different widths, ranging from 66″ to 84″. This means you can get the exact right tool for you, never an attachment that is too large and cumbersome or too small to get the job done correctly.

If you’re not quite sure whether this is the right attachment for your needs, call to speak with a product guru at (877) 378-4642. We’re here to help you get the job done, and get it done right!

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