Order a Skid Steer Pickup Broom Online

A big job requires a big pickup. If you have a Skid Steer, this can be done incredibly easily with the aid of a pickup broom attachment. These brooms sweep dirt and debris or scrape mud. In order to be as helpful as possible, they work going forward or in reverse. This makes these attachments ideal for construction, industrial, or municipal jobs.

The Skid Steer pickup broom is easy to attach and simple to operate. The reversible cutting edge helps cut loose caked-on mud, while the sweeper’s poly bristles deposit dirt and debris in the container, which can be dumped when full. However, not just any pickup broom will do. When you want the best of the best, you want to order yours from Skid Pro!

The Skid Pro Advantage

  • Heaviest, best-built pickup broom in the industry
  • Outweighs the competition by over 300 pounds
  • Power direct drive motor delivers high torque
  • Zero maintenance required
  • Quick-set hood adjustment is fast, easy, and requires no tools
  • Broom bristles are 2” larger in diameter than others for longer life
  • HD front broom bumper to better withstand contact with obstacles
  • XL front and side rubber skirt reduces dust and creates better suction

Clearly, this pickup broom is a great purchase. A few other special features include:

  • Quick Set hood and bristle adjustment quickly and easily sets bristle down
  • pressure
  • Quick Set adjustment allows for maximum utilization of broom bristles and saves
  • you money
  • Quick Set adjustment gives enhanced sweeping performance in all types of
  • conditions
  • Direct-drive motor for maximum power and torque
  • No chain and sprocket maintenance
  • Dual-directional motor sweeps in both directions for better sweeping performance
  • Oversized rubber-composite skirt minimizes dust for both indoor and outdoor sweeping
  • Optional add-on gutter brush and water kit available

Not all pickup brooms are the same. You have options to ensure you get the exact right one. For one, there are poly, poly/steel, or all steel bristle options. There is also an optional gutter brush (curb sweeper) that is direct-drive and commercial grade. An available water kit reduces dust in sensitive conditions. A 30 gallon tank provides 20 minutes of continuous operation utilizing an electric pump! There are also three different widths; 60″, 72”, and 84″.

Are you ready to order your Skid Steer pickup broom? That’s right, when you choose to go through Skid Pro, you can order your needed Skid Steer attachments right from our online catalogue. Say goodbye to the days of driving around town and shopping at brick and mortar stores. If you do this, you’ll need to deal with pesky sales people trying to pressure you to spend more. They may not even have what you need in stock! If you are able to find it, you’ll need to haul it home yourself. It’s much easier and convenient to order your parts online. This way, you know you’re getting the right attachment for the right price.

Are you interested in taking a closer look or learning more specific specifications?

Skid Pro also has demos and videos for those looking for even more information. Whatever questions you may have, you can contact us anytime via email or by calling  (877) 378-4642.
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