The Skid Steer: Everything You Need to Know

A Skid Steer is a very important piece of equipment that can be seen on almost every job site, commercial farm, and even large residential property. No matter what your project is, you can find an efficient Skid Steer for you and then add on the right attachments. It is the job site workhorse that you’ll certainly want to learn more about about you so you can get one for yourself!

What is a Skid Steer used for?

Skid Steers can be used for a lot! They are best used for lifting, digging, and moving heavy material. If your project is based in construction, landscape, agriculture, or anything in between, a Skid Steer can help you. What used to take a team and several hours can now be done with ease!

What is Great About a Skid Steer?

A Skid Steer is a multi-purpose, multi-terrain piece of equipment that helps you keep a project moving. This piece of equipment is capable of many different jobs including dozing, cutting, grading, digging, baling hay, lifting, sweeping, and transporting materials around site. They are also a great machine for snow removal, mulching, and even mixing and holding concrete. In fact, it would be easier to think of something a Skid Steer cannot do! Their small size and maneuverability makes the Skid Steer an efficient tool for projects in smaller work areas with limited space. 

The cab is often caged in order to keep the operator safe. That’s good news for you! There’s easy controls that won’t take you long to figure out. There is a sturdy step to climb into the machine, so it can be operated with ease. 

Order Skid Steer Attachments

The only thing left to do is order all of your needed attachments. Different kinds of attachments help to diversify the capabilities of the Skid Steer. For spring, summer, winter, or fall, this amazing piece of equipment can help increase productivity and add a level of efficiency in all kinds of project types. No matter what tasks, chores, or jobs you have ahead of you, you can order an attachment from Skid Pro to help get it done easily and quickly. Do you need to dig a lot of holes to put in a fence? Get the auger attachment! Do you need to trim some tree limbs? There’s an attachment for that too. If you have a big mess to clean up, there’s even an angle broom attachment to help with that!

The very first skid steer was invented in 1957. Since then, they’ve gotten better and better and more attachments have been added to your options, meaning it can do more than ever before. Go ahead and buy your favorite new piece of equipment, a Skid Steer. Then, order your needed attachments online from Skid Pro!

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