The Top 3 Most Popular Machines Hired in 2020

To say that 2020 was a tough year for many industries would be an understatement. From tourism to restaurants, many industries struggled to stay afloat. However, the construction industry never stops. Houses are being built, roads are being fixed, fields are being turned over, and more. Over the last 12 months, work was not as busy and bustling as in 2019 and before, but that doesn’t mean people didn’t need machinery. In fact, a lot of people choose to rent what they needed.

Professionals have collected our data from the last year and put it into an aggregated list of the most requested machines last year. This list may indicate what people will be hiring more of in 2021. Be sure to look and see if a machine you have parked in your warehouse or garage could earn you some extra income in the months to come. How great would that be!

#1 Track Mounted Mini Excavators. The number one spot on this list is the classic mini excavator! It makes sense that this was the most requested machine of 2020. With big construction projects on hold, and pretty much everyone working from home, the weekend warriors and backyard DIY-ers all thought this year was the perfect time to do the projects they simply haven’t had the time to do. Mini excavators are and will always be a popular machine due to their compactness and ability to fit into any tight access worksite. Plus, they’re simple enough that nearly anyone can handle one. 

#2 Skid Steers. The number two spot goes to one of the most popular machines on the market – the Skid Steer. The Skid Steer front loader first came on the scene in the late 50s and has grown in popularity ever since. Today, you can find this resourceful machine on pretty much every worksite, farm, and large residential property because it can do so much. Whether you need to dig a hole, trim a tree, or bale hay, a Skid Steer can handle the task!

#3 Tractors. No matter what else is happening in the world, farmers still have a farm to take care of. Tractors are one of the oldest pieces of equipment in the world, so it’s probably not that shocking that they made it to number three on this list. About 349 million acres in the U.S. are planted for crops. This is the equivalent of about four states the size of Montana. The fact that so much land is used for farming and agriculture goes a long way to cement this machine at number three on the most-rented list last year.

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