Order a Skid Steer Concrete Breaker Attachment

In order to get your next project done, you need to do some demolition work to clear out what is in the space right now. You already know that your Skid Steer attachments make projects incredibly easy even without a large team, but did you know that there are attachments to help you prepare the area as well? It is true! This includes a Skid Steer Concrete Breaker Attachment.

What does a concrete breaker do? Exactly what the name implies! A breaker is a powerful percussion hammer fitted to a Skid Steer for demolishing concrete structures or rocks. It works by breaking rocks into smaller sizes or demolishing concrete structures into manageable pieces. You can break up a concrete floor or even break up some rocks outside that are too large to move as they are. This work tool is made of unique, heat-treated steel for longevity, durability, and torsional strength. What an amazing tool! Consider all of these amazing features:

  1. Hard-hitting 750 ft. lbs. impact energy for powerful striking
  2. Precision-machined hydraulic block for exacting tolerances
  3. N2 (nitrogen) gas charge delivers more power and longevity than other breakers
  4. Cushioned drive reduces vibration to both the machine and you as the operator
  5. Tri-gusset QT plate for heaviest breaker body in its class
  6. XL high-tensile steel hull for better breaker life and durability
  7. HD steel skid plate for added hydraulic block protection
  8. XL and stout work tool deliver added shear force strength

You don’t just want any concrete breaker. You want one that can get the job done and continue to do so for years to come. This means a focus on strength and durability. Of course, you also want a concrete breaker that won’t shake you around too much while you’re using it. The Skid Pro version features a chisel point that excels in hard abrasive fracturable rock or substrate with lower penetration rates. You can know for sure this is the best option for you because it features the heaviest steel body in its class, plus a steel skid plate that delivers ultimate durability and breaker longevity. You won’t be replacing this attachment anytime soon!

When you’re ready to get this attachment, know that the best way to do it is to order yours online from Skid Pro. Our concrete breaks are designed with a focus on operator ease. It comes with a convenient tool grease zerk for quick and simple maintenance. There’s also easy access to the work tool locking pin for inspection and quick removal. The hose retention ring helps keep hoses out of skid loaders pinch points. The Protected hose routing is there through the breaker body for added protection. You’ll be safe and happy while using it, and very pleased when you see how quickly the job is completed.

Are you interested in taking a closer look or learning more specific specifications?

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