Brush Cutters Designed To Handle the Tough Texas Grass and Brush


The Texas landscape is nothing to take lightly. If you need to cut through dense vegetation and tree trunks several inches thick, you need a tough machine to get the job done. Brush cutters offer more power and versatility than smaller machines like a lawn mower or weed whacker, but only if you’re using the best quality. A dull blade and stalling motor will make you less efficient and pose a serious safety hazard.
If you’re tired of changing your brush cutter’s blade every time you hit a few rocks, it’s time to look into Skid Pro’s Industrial Brush Cutter with High Flow Open Front. It provides a faster, cleaner cut on both grass and brush than was ever possible on a standard flow mower.

Special Features:

  • Amazing 8″cutting capacity
  • Unique extra-tall 10″ deck and raised back give better discharge & superb cutting of thick, heavy grass
  • Wire-protection kit between deck and blade carrier keeps fence wire or debris from causing down time
  • Open design allows for quicker, easier cutting of bigger trees and saplings
  • HD front push bar helps to push and then cut bigger trees and saplings
  • Massive 377 lbs. flywheel with 4 blades for maximum cutting performance on brush & grass
  • Super-powerful, direct-drive motor delivers high torque & ultra-fast blade tip speed

Our brush cutters are powerful enough to cut through overgrown brush that a lawn mower or line trimmer can’t handle. You will also find how easy it is to operate. Like Skis Pro’s other products, it comes with an industry-leading two year warranty. Call today to speak with a product guru especially knowledgeable in brush cutters at (877) 378-4642.

Are you interested in taking a closer look or learning more specific specifications?

Skid Pro also has demos and videos for those looking for even more information. Whatever questions you may have, you can contact us anytime via email or by calling  (877) 378-4642.
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