The 4 Most Common Questions About Skid Loaders

Skid Loaders Common Questions

A Skid Steer is an expensive piece of equipment that can be seen on almost every job site, because it’s the perfect workhorse for nearly every task or project. This piece of machinery is also called a Bobcat, Skid Loader, or Skid Steer Loader; it is all the same machine.

If you’re looking for a commercial or residential job site workhorse, you’ve found it. No matter what your project is, you can find the most efficient Skid Steer attachment for your job and get to work. Of course, because there are so many options it is quite possible that you have a few questions before you order your attachments.

Skid Loader Common Questions

If you have a question about this machine or any of the attachments, you’ve come to the right place. Skid Pro is the expert you need to answer all of your questions, concerns, and inquiries. Here are a few of the questions we hear most commonly: 

Question #1 What can a Skid Loader do?

The short answer is, “whatever you need it to!” The long answer to this very valid question is the small size and maneuverability of a Skid Steer makes it an efficient tool for projects in smaller work areas with limited space. This equipment is capable of many different jobs, including mulching, dozing, grading, grinding stumps, digging, sweeping, lifting, and transporting materials around the site. They are also a great machine for snow removal. In fact, they can do so much that a better question may be “What can’t they do?”

Question #2 How Much can They Lift?

For a variety of jobs, you’ll want your Skid Loader to lift rocks, logs, fence posts, or other heavy items. The Skid Steer has dual hydraulic arms, giving it impressive lifting capacity. These small machines are mighty, and capable of lifting anywhere from 1,250 lbs to 2,700 lbs.

Question #3 Which Kind of Skid Steer is Best?

As with any kind of heavy equipment, the “best” Skid Steer will depend on the nature of the project you need done. Knowing what the job is, what you need the equipment to do, and your budget for renting or buying a Skid Steer will allow you to pick the “best” skid steer for you. Rather than asking the question, “Which Skid Steer is best?” it is more helpful to ask, “Which Skid Steer is the right fit for my project?” Don’t forget that the attachment is just as important as the Skid Steer itself!

Question #4 What is the Difference Between a Skid Steer and a Bobcat?

We get this question a lot! A Skid Steer is a kind of equipment and a Bobcat is a brand of Skid Steer. Think of it like Chevrolet and pickup truck. Due to the fact that the first Skid Steer created was a Bobcat, this is the usual go-to brand for a Skid Steer. There are also John Deere, Case, and Caterpillar options.

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If you have additional questions we can help you answer, we want to hear from you! Very soon, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision and have all of the equipment you need for the task ahead.